Power up your ultrasound training

Train in new virtual ways


Understand competency at a new level

Confidently understand it, see how it's changing

Increase your training capacity and reach

Asynchronous assessments that can be performed anywhere

  • Trainee uploads exam(s), performs self assessment *
  • PRESUNA notifies Expert
  • Expert performs review asynchronously
  • PRESUNA generates reports, updates analytics, notifies Trainee

* Self-assessments are optional

Simple documentation capture

Unburden capturing the information needed for assessments and QA


  • Integrated ultrasound viewer
  • Acquisition notes
  • Individual scan findings
  • Exam findings
  • Decisions made

Efficient, granular assessments

Save time reviewing, providing feedback, and reporting


  • Agreeance and variance feedback
  • Written feedback
  • Email and/or text notifications
  • Auditable workflows
  • Exam reports and analytics

Understand everyone's competency

Verify competency levels and gaps with specific insights on where, who, what, and when


  • Exam counts
  • Review counts
  • Acquisition metrics
  • Interpretation metrics
  • User competency visualizations
  • Exam insight visualizations

Setup & use within 48 hours

No IT required - upload from any ultrasound device


  • Any ultrasound probe
  • Mobile scan uploads from handheld POCUS devices
  • Drag and drop scan uploads from laptops and desktops
  • Manage admin yourself without IT
  • No patient identifiable information (PII) required

Any scale or scenario

From solo trainers to large training organizations

Single Expert

Multi Experts

Multi Teams

Flexible pricing

Affordable to start, sustainable as you grow

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