Competency Dojo

Train ultrasound quantitatively

Efficiently QA from anywhere


Local, Remote or Hybrid

Simple assessment & QA workflows

  • Trainee uploads exam(s)
  • Trainee documents their findings
  • Expert notified for review
  • Expert locks exam for review
  • Expert reviews exam
  • Trainee notified review is complete

Quantify Anyone's Competency

Confidently understand it, see how it's changing

Simple Documentation Capture

Unburden capturing the information needed for assessments and QA


  • Integrated ultrasound viewer
  • Acquisition notes
  • Individual scan findings
  • Exam findings
  • Decisions made

Efficient, Granular Assessments

Save time reviewing, providing feedback, and reporting


  • Agreeance and variance feedback
  • Written feedback
  • Email and/or text notifications
  • Auditable workflows
  • Exam reports and analytics

Understand Everyone's Competency

Verify competency levels and gaps with specific insights on where, who, what, and when


  • Exam counts
  • Review counts
  • Acquisition metrics
  • Interpretation metrics
  • User competency visualizations
  • Exam insight visualizations

Setup & Use Within 48 Hours

No IT required - upload from any ultrasound device


  • Any ultrasound probe
  • Mobile scan uploads from handheld POCUS devices
  • Drag and drop scan uploads from laptops and desktops
  • Manage admin yourself without IT
  • No patient identifiable information (PII) required

Any Scale or Scenario

Affordable, flexible pricing no matter your size

Single Expert

Multi Experts

Multi Teams