Virtual Ultrasound Training

For ultrasound training services and programs

Augment existing courses, grow into the virtual world

Augment in-person courses and bootcamps

Give your team and trainees new insights and abilities

Unsupervised scanning

Perform true unsupervised assessments with auto-generated quantitative reports and asynchronous reviews.

Digital logbooks

Give your trainees a simple way to archive acquired ultrasound scans and track their exams counts over time.

Competency analytics

Quantify acquisition and interpretation skills over multiple snapshots in time to show how effective your training really is.

Expand into the virtual world

Create new virtual training services that can be delivered anywhere

  • New revenue opportunities
  • Increase retention back to your courses
  • Quantify course effectiveness
  • Longitudinal competency profiles

The Dojo

PRESUNA's web-based software platform

No IT required to adopt, flexible pricing to fit your size

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